Sculpted High Heel Feather


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Shank Strength (Blue Bag) = Feather/Flexible

The Gaynor Minden Sculpted Fit Pointe Shoes are designed for dancers with a slightly tapered foot with a "waist", and are made with an ample metatarsal, a snug midfoot, and a narrow-medium heel.

• Non-collapsing box to promote correct alignment
• Pre-arched shank for better support and a prettier line
• Textured sock liner for impact absorption, comfort, and grip
• Pleatless platform with noise-reducing material
• Side-open drawstring for comfort


  • Box Shapes: #3 (tapered), #3+ (moderately tapered), #4 (slightly tapered), #5 (square)
  • Widths: Narrow, Medium, or Wide
  • Vamp: Deep or Low
  • Heel: High or Low (3/8" lower than the High Heel)
  • Sizing: Approximately 1.5 size up from women's street shoe size
To determine which style & size is right for you, please schedule a fitting at our store location. Call 314-733-5678 or email