Classic High Heel XFlex


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Shank Strength (Yellow Bag) = ExtraFlex/Stiff

The Gaynor Minden Classic Fit Pointe Shoes feature their original "U" shape design, where the metatarsal, midfoot, and heel areas are generously cut (versus the Sculpted Fit Pointe Shoes which have a more snug midfoot and narrower heel).

• Non-collapsing box to promote correct alignment
• Pre-arched shank for better support and a prettier line
• Textured sock liner for impact absorption, comfort, and grip
• Pleatless platform with noise-reducing material
• Side-open drawstring for comfort


  • Widths: Narrow, Medium, or Wide
  • Box Shapes: #3 (tapered), #3+ (moderately tapered), #4 (slightly tapered), #5 (square)
  • Vamp: Deep or Low
  • Heel: High or Low (3/8" lower than the High Heel)
  • Sizing: Approximately 1.5 size up from women's street shoe size
To determine which style & size is right for you, please schedule a fitting at our store location. Call 314-733-5678 or email