Clear Bra Straps

Clear Bra Straps


  • $6.00

Braza clear straps are made with Mobilon, a technology developed in Japan and far superior than all other clear tapes available. Here are some of the important benefits of Mobilon clear tape... 

  • Proven resistance against perspiration, Oil, Water, Sea-water, Acid, Cosmetics, General Solvents, etc.
  • Slim, thin, supple and light weight with necessary stretch power.
  • About 1/3 thickness of standard rubber tape is sufficient to get the same elasticity.  Gives the maximum elegance to the stretch part of garment and assures the best comfort in wearing, e.g. for ladies' underwear.
  • Completely safe for human body.  No content of any injurious substances such as Formalin, Sulfur, Lead, Arsenic, etc.
  • Good washability and quick-drying, dry-cleanable.
  • Useful in cold environment, and does not lose elasticity even at -35C.
  • Super high resistance against rubbing.


If you are an A, or B cup, you should order the narrow strap ( centimeter wide) because that's all you need if you purchase the straps made from our high quality material.

If you are over a C cup you should really use a wide strap which will give you more support and will not dig into your shoulder as a narrow strap may do for C cup or larger.