Studios and Schools

Partner with St. Louis Dancewear for the best dance supplies at a great discount and receive extra exposure too! 

We cater to ALL dance studios and want to help promote your businesses as well. Notify us of your upcoming events and performances and we'll post them on our social media.

1. Studio Owners and Dance Teachers:

Sign up for your Pro-Account so you can receive exclusive sales and promotions. (Be sure to stop by the store for your free gift!)  When you order for a group you'll receive a group discount every time. The discount applies if you schedule a group shopping appointment at the store too.

Dress Code? Please send us an email so we can stock what your dancers need.

Contact MaKayla Hunter, our store's Account Manager, to request or order any merchandise for class, performance, or rehearsal. or simply contact us at the store.

2. Are you a teacher or coach of any organization listed below?

  • PA High Schools
  • College PA Programs
  • Drill Teams
  • Dance Squads
  • Color Guard/Winter Guard
  • Orchestra Programs
  • Marching Band
  • Theater Department

We make it super easy!

St. Louis Dancewear will come to your school during school hours to measure your students for shoes, tights, and/or leotards, and then ship everything directly to your athletic department in addition to giving you a group discount!

How you utilize the 15% discount is up to you:

  • pass the 15% discount on to the students
  • give the 15% for a scholarship
  • keep the 15% for studio/school improvements
  • collect the 15% as a fundraiser

To set-up a fitting date/time simply contact us at the store.