Pointe Shoe Fittings

St. Louis Dancewear is proud to offer the latest styles and technology in pointe shoes so dancers' feet are protected and showcased at the same time. 

With our experienced staff, you're in good hands when it comes to pointe shoe fittings whether you are a 1st fit, intermediate, advanced, or professional.

Are you brand new en pointe?

Come see us! We have 15 models of shoes that will allow young dancers to build strength in her arches and ankles. The dancer will leave with valuable information regarding ribbons/elastic and care of her shoes in addition to tips to keep her feet healthy while she ventures en pointe.

More advanced? Do your pointe shoes die before you have danced 20 hours?

Come see us! Are you struggling with shanks that break too soon? Are you tired of spending money on dozens of shoes every year?

We have the largest selection of Gaynor Minden shoes in the area. This versatile shoe has 5 shank strengths ranging from a soft, flexible shoe to a strong, supportive shoe. How do you like your shanks to feel? Read our in-depth blog article, "Everything You Need to Know About Gaynor Mindens".

Gaynor Mindens will last 3x's as long as a traditional cardboard/leather shank. Plus, the shoe holds the dancer's foot in perfect alignment throughout the entire life of the shoe - preventing many injuries. Dance mom approved!


We highly encourage you to call to make an appointment so that we will have dedicated staff to devote attention to you and your fitting needs. 

Do you have a group of students who need to be fit? Find out about our Group Discounts.