Donate Used Dancewear

Traveling Tutus

St. Louis Dancewear is a socially-conscience store. We like to support local causes in our community, we invest in vendors who have responsible manufacturing practices, and we love to donate to performing arts non-profits whenever we are able. 

When it comes to performing arts non-profits, it doesn't get any better than Traveling Tutus!

Traveling Tutus ships gently used dancewear, costumes, dance shoes, and new tights to disadvantaged children around the world so every child has the chance to experience the joy of dance.

Please bring your donations to the store during business hours.

Because of limited space, if you have more than 10 pieces to donate, we encourage you to ship your donation directly to Traveling Tutus Inc. @ 795 E. Lakeshore Blvd. Kissimmee, FL 34744. They will be THRILLED to receive it. Check out Traveling Tutu's website HERE.


If you have items that Traveling Tutu's does not accept, St. Louis Dancewear will donate those items to another compassionate organization here in the state of Missouri.

Em's Spotlight, a performing arts non-profit based in Kansas City, has carried on Emily Silverman's legacy for 10 years. Emily wanted to teach dance to those who couldn't afford it, but sadly her life was cut short because of an unfortunate car accident.

Em's Spotlight Charity Event

Em's Spotlight sponsors free summer camps, after-school programs, and scholarships for disadvantaged, homeless, and special needs children and adults. 

They are simply AMAZING! 

If you would like to send a monetary donation or a large dancewear donation directly to Em's Spotlight, you can do so by clicking HERE.


You can help support St. Louis Dancewear's efforts to be a drop-off location for these non-profits by donating a few dollars to help with shipping costs.

If we ever have more money than it costs to ship, we will donate it to these organizations.

Please note: You are donating money to help St. Louis Dancewear pay for shipping expenses. This is NOT a tax-deductible donation. Thank you!