FLX Cryotherapy Massage Ball


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Accelerate healing with this 2-in-1 recovery tool utilizing both massage and ice-therapy. The combination of massage and cooling provides trigger point myofascial release and instant pain relief for the area being targeted. 


  • Prepare  Unscrew top of handle (white ring) 
  • Place Cryotherapy Ball in freezer (metal ball) - waits at least 2 hours for ball to freeze 
  • Wipe away any frost and put ball back into the handle, your Cryotherapy Ball is ready to use!     

Usage: Ball can be used on skin or through clothes  Continually roll the ball over the desired area  When ball is no longer cool, remove from handle and freeze again 


  • After removing the Cryotherapy Ball from the handle, it can be washed with water and dish soap in the sink. Do not put it in the dishwasher. 
  • The ball should be washed regularly.   


Notes: Do not use on wet/damp skin  Do not heat the Cryotherapy Ball  Discontinue use if irritation occurs  Always seek the advice of your doctor regarding questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 

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