How Your Gently Used Dancewear Can Change Lives

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by Robyn L. Hartley

There is no question. The arts bring life and healing to our world.  

From the youngest of us to the oldest of us - we all benefit in countless ways from exposure to and involvement in the arts.  They embolden us with empathy and empower us with passion. They help us see beyond divisive barriers and cut straight to the heart of humanity.

It is no wonder so many children dream of growing up to be an artist of some kind. In their innocence, they fathom a life where their very existence is to spread love and magic and creativity.  What a beautiful and worthy dream.

Yet in this fast-paced world, with its ever updating electronics and high-speed cyberspace, so many children get lost in the buzz.  Their dreams are stamped out by the harsh realities of life. They may never know a music lesson, see a play, or step foot in a dance studio.  

Opening Their World

But we can alter their reality. Through simple steps, we can bring a touch of the arts to these children and, in doing so, open their world to something much larger.  

St Louis Dancewear has partnered with two organizations whose missions are to bring the art of dance to underserved children.  

On A Global Scale

Traveling Tutus is an organization who, for the past nine years, has been collecting second-hand dance costumes and gifting them to children across the globe. These kids step into their costumes and immediately experience that transformative moment where they not only feel their autonomy and authenticity as humans but they know it to be true.  

A kid twirling in a tutu is a kid swimming in their imagination. Their minds opening to new ideas and new adventures. New people and new concepts. Fear melts away and is replaced with a sense of worth and value.

On a Local Scale

Em’s Spotlight, located in Kansas City, MO, serves over 600 people a year with free dance programs. This organization accepts many different types of donations including second-hand dancewear they can then pass on to their students.  

By giving these kids the tools they need (i.e. dancewear) to succeed in dance class the dancers feel a sense of pride in their work. They learn commitment, time management, and work ethic. On top of that, they get to experience the unmatched sense of accomplishment of performing on stage.

You Can Partner With Us

St Louis Dancewear is so proud to be an official donation site for these two organizations. We know the impact dance has on kids because we have seen it in our own kids. Our aim is to help extend the reach of dance to those who otherwise may not be touched by it.  

We welcome you to join us in our mission! If you have gently used costumes or dancewear and would love to use these items to help make a difference in kids’ lives we invite you to bring them on over to our store. We will be sure they get to the hands that can distribute them to those in need. Monetary donations are accepted too. Learn more about our drop-off policies.

Through your generosity, and your dancewear just aching to be worn in the spotlight once more, we can share the art of dance with so many more children.  

To find out more about Traveling Tutus and Em’s Spotlight you can visit their websites:

Traveling Tutus

Em's Spotlight

Robyn L Hartley is writer specializing in dance.  She has been a dance educator for the past 20 years and is the founder of Kaleidoscope Dance Theatre.  She lives in St Louis, MO with her three children and works at St Louis Dancewear.

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